Gina Rodriguez On ‘Jane The Virgin’ Losing Her Virginity Tonight: ‘Yup, Just An Average Day’

The CW may have to think about changing the title of “Jane the Virgin” following tonight’s episode, in which star Gina Rodriguez’s character finally loses her virginity — despite the fact that she’s already given birth to a baby (for non-viewers… it’s a long story).

“I just want to say it is everything the fans have been waiting for,” Rodriguez told ET at the Paley Center Tribute to Hispanic Achievements in Television last week. “It’s gonna be funny and sentimental and a roller coaster and awkward and everything sex really is, let’s be honest.”

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This special episode was directed by Eva Longoria, and Rodriguez explained to ET that having the former “Desperate Housewives” star helming the episode upped her comfort level while filming the title-changing sex scene.

“Because we had Eva, it was perfect,” Rodriguez said. “And sex scenes are not as comfortable as people think — not as intimate, not as sexual as people think. But, with the person that I lose it to, he made me feel very comfortable.”

Today, Rodriguez took to Twitter to joke about her character’s big night:

The game-changing episode airs tonight, Monday, Oct. 31 on The CW.



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