Fake Newscast Hints At Barb’s Return To ‘Stranger Things’

Viewers who became hooked on “Stranger Things” and watched fan-favourite character Barb sucked into the Upside Down, never to be seen again, are still pondering the question: Barb’s gotta come back, right?

While that remains to be seen, a tongue-in-cheek video has just hit YouTube and hints at that possibility. In the new vid, faux newscaster Brenda Wood discusses some recent occurrences in Hawkins, Indiana, including the disappearance of Barb, peppered with “Stranger Things” references throughout.

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“When asked to describe Barbara, her friends and peers praised her as someone who was loyal to a fault… the kind of girl who notices if you’re wearing a new bra, and can really rock a pair of mom jeans,” says the make-believe broadcaster, “Or was we call them now, jeans.”

Barb was not the only topic to make it into the newscast, which also presents security camera footage of a mysterious thief who made off with piles of frozen Eggo waffles from a local convenience store.

“Stranger Things” has been renewed for a second season, and hopes are high we’ll new episodes by summer 2017.



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