Prince Harry’s Rumoured Girlfriend Meghan Markle Tests Her ‘Britishness’

While royal-watchers are keeping a close eye on Prince Harry’s rumoured romance with actress Meghan Markle, the “Suits” star may have a tough road ahead if she ever finds herself welcomed into the Royal Family.

Why? Because her knowledge of being British leaves much to be desired, a fact we know thanks to a YouTube video, originally posted during the summer, in which her “Britishness” is tested. Spoiler alert: it does not go so well.

“In Cockney rhyming slang, what does ‘apples and pears’ mean?” Markle reads from a card, adding: “I feel like I’m being taken down a rabbit hole here! … I really have no appropriate answer for that.”

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The answer is “stairs,” leading Markle to exclaim: “Oh! Stairs, apples and pears. I’ll say that today.”

She also didn’t have a clue when it came to identifying the national animals of England, Scotland and Wales — although, to be fair, two of the animals don’t actually exist. “Lions and unicorns and dragons, oh my!” she joked after learning the answer.

She also discovered some differences between British and American words certain things. “Crisps are chips,” she said, reading off the card. “Highway is the motorway … that I didn’t know. Sidewalk is a path — that actually sounds really romantic. Take a little stroll down the path!”



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