Obama’s Spooky Halloween Story: ‘Donald Trump Could Be President’

U.S. President Barack Obama sat down with Samantha Bee on “Full Frontal” to share some spooky Halloween stories.

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In her first interview with the President, Bee asked Obama for a spooky tale. He was happy to indulge: “Donald Trump could be president.”

The show’s host believed she could one-up the U.S. Commander-in-Chief, suggesting Corey Lewandowski might become a Supreme Court Justice. And it sounds like the thought might just give Obama nightmares, with him replying: “I’m not sure I’m going to sleep tonight.”

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The President visited “Full Frontal” to urge young people to vote in the upcoming election on Nov. 8. He also talked about Hillary Clinton and whether he’d be stepping down from office in style.

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