‘Sister Wives’ New Season Tackles Meri’s Catfishing Scandal: ‘I Haven’t Forgiven Her,’ Says Daughter

Another season of TLC’s “Sister Wives” is right around the corner, and a new trailer for season eight demonstrates there will be no lack of drama in the upcoming episodes.

While polygamist patriarch Kody Brown deals with the impending wedding of daughter Mykelti, the relationships between him and his wives are fraught with tension thanks to wife Meri’s well-publicized catfish scandal, in which she entered an intense online relationship with someone who was just messing with her — which didn’t prevent her from telling her online catfisher that she loved him.

Kody is not finding it easy to pick up the pieces, while Mariah — his daughter with Meri — can’t find it within herself to forgive her mom.

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“She’s done a lot of sh***y things, and I haven’t forgiven her,” Mariah tells Kody.

“I am not doubting that I was somewhat a catalyst,” he replies, but later admits that it was “a mistake to be filmed” while having that conversation with his daughter.

“My goal is to keep our family together,” says Kody. “My goal is to work these things out.” The new season of “Sister Wives” begins Nov. 27. Watch:



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