Chris Pine Plays Dysfunctional Employee In Joss Whedon’s Hilarious New Voter PSA

With the U.S. presidential election just days away, Chris Pine pulls out all the stops in a hilarious performance as a dysfunctional employee in a new voter PSA directed by Joss Whedon.

The “Star Trek Beyond” actor stars as Leonard, the human embodiment of the current U.S. Congress. Everyone had high hopes for Leonard, but his erratic behavior including throwing temper tantrums over health care, blocking safety improvements, being both “frightened and aroused” by gender neutral bathrooms and declaring himself the “boss” of female employees’ entire bodies.

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Alan Tudyk narrates Bob’s unpredictable antics in the video, illustrating that if Leonard were a real employee, he’d be fired. Tudyk gathers the team to do just that, uniting to vote to oust Leonard who taunts, “You can’t do anything to me or my cool tie.”

“See, we all got together and we voted,” Tudyk’s character replies.

The PSA calls for viewers to vote on November 8 and is not affiliated with either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton’s campaigns.



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