Charlie Sheen Knows The Secret Weapon That Will Help Cleveland Win The World Series: Him!

Charlie Sheen thinks he has the secret to ensuring the Cleveland Indians triumph over the Chicago Cubs at the World Series, and that secret is… Charlie Sheen!

Lest we forget, Sheen — or, at least, a character played by Sheen — led the Indians to many victories in “Major League” and its sequels, and the actor who brought us bespectacled Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn has hinted that he’s on his way to Ohio to bring his star power (and perhaps his mighty pitching arm) to Game 7.

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Sharing a photo of his packed bag (which includes beer, a pack of smokes, a Cleveland baseball cap and his iconic “Wild Thing” eyeglasses), the former “Two and a Half Men” star tweeted that he is enroute to Cleveland — so look out, Bill Murray!

“FEAR NOT ‘BELIEVE’LAND!!” he writes. “My bag is packed and help is on the way!!”




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