Boy George Defends Decision To Storm Out Of Interview Over Questions About His 2009 Conviction For Falsely Imprisoning Male Escort

Most celebs make headlines when interviews they’ve given are published in magazines or aired on TV, but Boy George managed to make even bigger headlines by storming out of an interview when he didn’t like a question.

During a sit-down with New Zealand TV show “Seven Sharp”, the “Culture Club” singer was asked about his 2009 conviction for falsely imprisoning a male escort, a sordid, drug-fuelled incident from his past that he surely hopes we’ve all forgotten (he served four months of his sentence before being released).

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In the video, the visibly annoyed Boy George snapped at interview Toni Street asking what he thought of the escort publicly condemning the BBC for the singer a mentor on the U.K. version of “The Voice”.

“You know what, why don’t you move on to something more helpful, you know what I mean,” he said, then added: “In fact, you know what… thank you,” as he ripped off his microphone and stormed off.

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“I was really shocked that he walked out,” Street tells the Daily Mail. “He had already answered a question on the topic so beautifully. He had said he wanted to move on and use his past as a way of helping others with addiction.”

Before the dust had a chance to settle, the “Karma Chameleon” singer took to Twitter to defend his actions, saying he’ll “open that can of worms when I’m ready,” joking that he got more media attention “from ending the interview. Job done!”

In fact, he also admitted that the interview that did end up airing was “full of misinformation,” adding that the interviewer “has a voice like a broken drill.”



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