Matt Damon, Darren Aronofsky And More A-List Producers Reveal Behind-The-Camera Secrets In THR Roundtable

This week’s issue of The Hollywood Reporter features the mag’s annual Producer Roundtable, which this year includes Matt Damon (“Manchester by the Sea”), Frank Marshall (“Sully”), Darren Aronofsky (“Jackie”), Todd Black (“Fences”), Emma Tillinger Koskoff (“Silence”) and Marc Platt (“La La Land”), spilling some juicy anecdotes about what took place behind the scenes of their various movies.

One of the questions the group ponders is whether they would like make one of their films again — not necessarily to improve it, but to see how a different director would have handled it.

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“People don’t have the experience of knowing what the movie could have been, right?” declares Damon “When you’re on the other side of it, that’s all you live with — what it could have been. And it’s almost hard to see what it is because you’re wrapped up in what your own expectations were while you were making it.”

Adds Marshall: “[‘The Last Picture Show’ director] Peter Bogdanovich once said to me: ‘There are three movies. There’s the movie you write, the movie you shoot and the movie you cut. And each phase influences the next one.’”

Emma Tillinger Koskoff has had the rare experience of producing acclaimed filmmaker Martin Scorsese on “Silence”, and shares some of the challenges she experienced making that film.

“Specifically, with ‘Silence’, this film that he’s lived with for nearly three decades, it was just giving him the time and the tranquility and safety to execute what he needed to do,” she says. “And we were shooting in very difficult conditions. It was a brutal, brutal odyssey for all involved. We were over in Taiwan, we were [filming] exteriors every day. We had locations that were sometimes two hours away. Mountains, valleys, fog, mud, inclement weather. I think what I was able to do was to keep the calm because we were under great financial pressure, and we didn’t have the luxury of calling back home and saying, ‘Sorry, we’re five days behind, we need some more dough.’”

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Damon — who worked with Scorsese on ‘The Departed’ — adds: “[On] other movies, Marty has always got leeway because he’s Marty. You know what I mean?”

“Totally,” says Koskoff. “I saw a different Marty. I saw a Marty that listened when I said: ‘We’ve got to drop shots. I know it looks better in the sun, but we’ve got to do what we’ve got to do with this weather. We’ll fix it in post.’”

In addition, Damon also addresses the possibility that he’ll star in another Jason Bourne flick. “The septuagenarian one,” jokes Damon. “Bourne with a walker,” adding that there currently isn’t another sequel in the works. “Not right now. Those things are a massive undertaking,” he says. “We started shooting that in September and finished in March. It’s just big, with a massive second unit.”

You can read more with this exceptional array of talent in the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter.



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