There have been rumours for years that Mike Myers’ comic creation Dr. Evil from his mega-hit “Austin Powers” movies was lifted from Dana Carvey’s  impression of “SNL” exec producer Lorne Michaels, and Carvey appeared on Wednesday’s edition of Howard Stern’s Sirius XM radio show to confirm that, yes, his “Wayne’s World” co-star did in fact rip off his impression of their former boss.

“You were a little p***ed off [when you saw ‘Austin Powers’] because it was your impression of Lorne Michaels…” asked Stern.

“With the pinky coming out, yeah!” Carvey said finishing his sentence.

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“Well yeah, I did do [the impression of Michaels first],” revealed Carvey. “When I first got on ‘SNL’, no one I knew was doing it. I first saw him on Wednesday night picking the show, and it would get kinda tense putting the cards on the board, and my first hook into Lorne was him saying, ‘Um, I still have no f***ing first act.’ Now he would bite his nails and I just did this [putting his pinky finger in his mouth], and when I saw Mike do it and I did kind of go, ahh, look… it’s a really funny affectation, because it’s so specific.”

Did he ever confront Myers about it? Stern wanted to know. “Ummm… I’m in therapy now,” said Carvey. “I should say when you look back, you get a better perspective on it. We were never meant to be a comedy team, Mike just invited me into the [Wayne’s World] sketch. I’m really grateful that he did.” Listen: