Country Star Travis Tritt Blasts Beyonce’s CMA Awards Performance In Twitter Rant: ‘We Don’t Need Pop Artists At Our Award Shows’

While many are raving about Beyonce’s performance of “Daddy Lessons” with Dixie Chicks at Wednesday’s CMA Awards, some country fans feel she had no business being at an award show celebrating country music.

You can count country star Travis Tritt among them, and the singer took to Twitter to launch a tirade against Queen Bey’s presence at the show, arguing that he finds it insulting that the folks behind the awards think “we need pop or rap artists to validate us.”

In addition, Tritt argues that the Soul Train Awards and BET Awards don’t invite country singers to their show, so why should the CMAs host Beyonce? “I’m insulted that the CMA thinks we have to have a pop artist on our award show to appeal to big crowds,” he tweets.

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Tritt kicked off his Twitter rant with a joking apology about why he didn’t serve up any Beyonce covers at a recent concert.

Then his followers began asking questions, and he insists his complaint about Beyonce has nothing to do with race.

As Tritt sees it, “the CMA thinks Beyonce is as relevant to country music as Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette of Patsy Cline,” adding that “those CMA folks are screwed in the head.”




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