Leonardo DiCaprio Visits ‘Ellen’ To Talk About His Powerful New Documentary ‘Before The Flood’

Viewers of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” are in for a big surprise when a special guest drops by the show today unannounced: Leonardo DiCaprio!

The Oscar-winning environmental activist is making the rounds to promote his recent National Geographic Channel documentary “Before the Flood”, in which he journeys to various parts of the world to get a firsthand look at the effects of climate change, warning that the frightening changes were seeing in the planet are only the beginning.

“I told Leo this morning I was going to talk about the documentary and how important it is for people to watch,” DeGeneres tells the studio audience. “And I said how great it would be if he just stopped by, and this was just a few hours ago, so he actually left his house, and here he is.”

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“This was a three-year endeavour on behalf of Fisher Stevens, the director, and myself,” says DiCaprio. “We literally travelled all around the world from Greenland to Indonesia. We got to speak to some incredible world leaders, some fantastic scientists.”

He adds: “We’ve got President Barack Obama in the documentary, we have the Pope in the documentary, and we’re basically trying to convey the science of climate change to the general public.”

You can watch DiCaprio’s powerful documentary, in its entirety, right here:






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