Round 2: Jimmy Kimmel Shares MORE Video Of Horrified Kids Whose Parents Claim They’ve Eaten Their Halloween Candy

It’s been a few years since Jimmy Kimmel brought us the hilarity of asking his viewers to play a terrible (and terribly funny) prank on their children by filming their horrified reactions when the parents tell the kids they’ve eaten all their Halloween candy, and this year he honoured the tradition for the sixth time.

Earlier this week, Kimmel broke new ground by getting down in the mud himself, playing the trick on his two-year-old daughter, Emily, with hilarious results.

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Now, Kimmel has more viewer videos to share, proving there is nothing funnier than little kids who think their parents have betrayed them.

As a bonus, in case you missed it when it aired earlier this week, here’s part one of his sixth annual “I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy.” Watch:




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