Jason Momoa melted the Khaleesi’s heart as gruff Dothraki warlord Khal Drogo on “Game of Thrones” and will soon be seen (after a brief glimpse in “Batman v. Superman”) as Aquaman in the upcoming “Justice League” flick, and the in-demand actor sat down with ET Canada’s Roz Weston to talk about his latest project, “Frontier”, the first-ever scripted series for Discovery Canada.

Shot in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Ottawa, “Frontier” is exec-produced by Allan Hawco (“The Republic of Doyle”) and tells the story of part-Cree, part-Irish trapper Decan Harp, who finds himself in the midst of a brutal battle for control of the Canadian north’s lucrative fur trade in the late 1700s.

After watching Momoa’s performance, Weston admits he’s not sure if the character is a good guy or a bad guy, which is exactly what Momoa wants to hear. “Perfect! Sold!” he says. “That was amazing.”

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As for Declan Harp, Momoa says: “It’s a phenomenal character. You’re a father, I’m a father, if you were to do something to my family — I don’t even like talking about it. What would you do? It may start out violent… It’s OK to be filthy!”

Meanwhile, Momoa also opens up his upcoming turn as Aquaman, admitting he was a bit taken aback when first offered the role.

“There was a lot of things going through my head when they said Aquaman,” he says. “I was thinking, I’m going to play some kind of bad guy — who am I going to play? And when he said Aquaman I was like come again? Pardon me?”

As Weston points out, many of Momoa’s roles have seen him don elaborate costumes — so would he ever like to play a character who wear, say, board shorts and a t-shirt?

“It’s easier to play something that’s further than yourself but I’m excited,” he says, admitting he would “love to” act in a comedy. “Track suit, get fat, full Brando,” he quips. “I told my wife you’ve got six more years before I’m going full-on Brando.”

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