Mariah Carey And James Packer Had A Prenup — And It’s Even Crazier Than You Think

Before their split, Mariah Carey and billionaire fiance James Packer were in the midst of negotiating a prenup, reports TMZ, which has obtained a copy of what’s described as “one of the most insane prenups we’ve ever seen … and it reads like she’s a mail order bride with lots of strings attached.”

Were Carey’s diva demands in the prenup part of the reason for the split? That’s unclear, but TMZ contends that Mariah’s people rejected the draft presented by Packer’s team, blasting it as “tacky and insulting.”

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Among the provisions in the prenup was a provision indicating what is and what isn’t to be considered to be a “gift” under the terms. “Except for gifts between them for their engagement, wedding or on birthdays and anniversaries, no item of jewelry and/or personal adornment costing over $250,000 will be deemed a gift unless accompanied by, or promptly followed by, a writing specifically stating ‘This is my gift to you,'” reads one passage.

In addition, Packer agrees to buy clothing for Carey, up to a specific amount (which is left blank), with the caveat that said clothing will not be used for business purposes or for performing, and Carey is responsible for buying her children’s clothing.

In addition, Packer agreed to give Carey “a credit card(s) to be issued for use by Mariah and staff … the amount of expenses … shall not exceed US $____ per calendar month,” with the amount again left blank.

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But there’s more, including the use of Packer’s private jet. “James shall provide the use of one private aircraft, of his selection, for Mariah’s personal use, or that of her children and nannies only when James, in his sole discretion, determines it is appropriate to do so.” reads the prenup.

According to TMZ, however, the “central reason why negotiations blew up” is a provision within the prenup reading: “James will pay Mariah, and Mariah shall accept, $6 million dollars per year for each full year of marriage, up to a maximum of $30 million … adjusted pro-rata on a weekly basis [$151,385 per week].”

TMZ sources claim that Carey rejected that amount outright, and alleges that Packer agreed to pay her a lump sum of $50 million if the marriage didn’t work out.

Neither party signed the agreement before their breakup in September; a rep for Packer responded to TMZ and claims the prenup offer “is grossly inaccurate and completely untrue.”

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