Penguins Fight In Bloody Love Triangle — And The Twitterverse Goes Insane

The Nat Geo Wild channel is television’s one-stop shop for animal-centred nature programming, but who could have guessed that when the channel shared a clip on Twitter of two male penguins getting into a bloody battle — over a female penguin, no less — that it would go viral?

Yet that’s exactly what happened after Nat Geo Wild posted its “Homewrecking Penguin” clip — part of the channel’s “Animal Fight Night” series — in which a male penguin returns to his nest only to discover another penguin has taken his place.

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A rock-em, sock-em penguin fight ensues, which the flightless birds swinging their wings like fists until they’re both bloody and battered. When the dust settles, the female penguin is left to declare the winner, and selects the interloper over her previous mate — a twist ending!

Yet that was just the beginning. After the video was retweeted more than 137,000 times and liked by more than 150,000, the Twitterverse weighed in — hilariously:







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