Dave Chappelle will be hosting “Saturday Night Live” next week, but this week the former “Chappelle’s Show” star surprisingly came out in support of Donald Trump — sort of — during his set at a New York City club Friday night.

According to the Observer, Chappelle stunned the crowd during his set at The Cutting Room when he bashed Hillary Clinton during his routine, and then praised Donald Trump, calling him “The Terminator” for ability to stay in the race despite the leak of the infamous Billy Bush tape (which he accuses Clinton of leaking).

Chappelle took things a step further by actually defending Trump’s notorious “grab them by the p***y” comments.

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“Sexual assault? It wasn’t,” quipped Chappelle. “He said, ‘And when you’re a star, they let you do it.’ That phrase implies consent. I just don’t like the way the media twisted that whole thing. Nobody questioned it.”

As Chappelle sees it, Trump is “the most gangsta candidate ever” for admitting in the second presidential debate that he avoided paying taxes. “They asked him how he knows the system is rigged and he said, ‘Because I take advantage of it.’ He may as well have flashed his membership card for the Illuminati right then,” Chappelle said.

Even weirder: Chappelle admitted that he actually voted for Hillary but didn’t “feel good” about it because he doesn’t think her performance during the campaign hasn’t been “coin-worthy.”

It remains to be seen how his remarks will be received when he hosts “SNL” on Nov. 12 — or even if the mercurial comedian even makes it to Studio 8H at all. “You know there’s a pool going on whether or not I show up,” he said of his upcoming appearance, joking: “I got $100,000 that says I won’t.”

Following outrage over his remarks, a rep for Chappelle clarified his comments, insisting Chappelle is no Trump supporter. The rep told Variety: “Dave is disgusted by the tone of the election and especially by the idea that his comedy would be misconstrued to defend [Donald T]rump. His comedy show blasted both candidates. By the way, he voted for Hillary [Clinton].”

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