Ryan Phillippe Takes A Beating In ‘Catch Hell’ Trailer

The piece of advice that’s most commonly offered to first-time screenwriters is to “write what you know.”; For his screenwriting/directorial debut, Ryan Phillippe seems to have used this advice as his starting point. The main character of the film (played by Phillippe himself) is someone whose life experience Phillippe should know a thing or two about: a famous Hollywood actor who has the initials R.P.

Let’s hope that that’s where the similarities between Phillippe’s personal life and the movie’s plot end, because Reagon Pearce (Phillippe’s character) goes through a number of experiences that don’t seem particularly pleasant. For instance, while filming a movie in rural Louisiana, he’s kidnapped by a group of rednecks who disguise themselves as production assistants, taken to a cabin in the woods, chained to a wall, and brutally tortured.

Adding insult to injury, his torturers hack into his Twitter account and threaten to upload compromising material.

Phillippe’s own Twitter account doesn’t appear to have anything incriminating on it, so if it turns out that the movie is based on Phillippe’s real-life experience, it’s probably safe to conclude that the kidnappers didn’t get their way.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmdMQ-FszGQ%5D

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