The BeyHive Shreds Conservative Commentator Stacey Dash On Twitter After She Insults Beyonce’s Mom

Stacey Dash is back in the headlines, and, as usual, it isn’t for something positive.

In fact, the ultra-conservative Fox News pundit found herself taken to task on Twitter after she made some less-than-flattering comments about Beyonce’s mother, Tina Knowles, who made a Halloween-themed joke at the expense of the actress’s signature role in “Clueless”.

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According to, the feud began when Knowles — mother to Beyonce and Solance Knowles — posted a Halloween photo on Instagram of herself and former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland, costumed as Dash’s “Clueless” character.

It was what Knowles wrote in the caption, however, that irked Dash. “This is my baby Dione last night of course she is prettier and more smarter than the one from the movie, but I was confused cause she kept saying something about her pager,” she wrote (she later edited the post to remove the Dash diss).

Here’s the original:



And here’s the amended version:

Dash responded on her blog, in a not-at-all-subtle post, which she teased on Twitter:

“First of all, if you’re trying to throw shade about someone’s intelligence, maybe use ‘smarter’ instead of ‘more smart,’” she chided in the blog post.

“Here’s the thing — Kelly Rowland is a beautiful girl and I love the costume! Imitation is the best form of flattery,” she continued.

Dash’s remarks caused the BeyHive to swarm, with Queen Bey’s fans taking to Twitter in force to come down on Dash like Thor’s hammer. Here’s a sampling — and an example of what happens when you tick off Beyonce’s army of fans:



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