Jamie Kennedy Goes Nuclear On Woman For Burping During His Standup Act

If you’ve got tickets to watch Jamie Kennedy perform some standup comedy and want to grab a burrito before the show, you may think better of it after witnessing what happened to a woman who loudly burped during the former “Ghost Whisperer” star’s performance on Saturday.

As TMZ reports, Kennedy was performing at a Connecticut comedy club when, about 15 minutes into his act, a woman belches so loudly that it interrupts the entire proceedings.

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According to TMZ, Kennedy then stopped the show and asked the woman to apologize. When she refused, he went off on the woman and her friends in an epic NSFW rant that was captured on video.

The language is pretty salty, with TMZ pointing out that the woman and her friends were subsequently kicked out, while many attendees demanded their money back. Watch:



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