Sting Ironically Keeps Bees And Got Stung

It is true, even the legendary Sting is not impervious to bees.

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Hanging out on a sofa on “The Graham Norton Show”, Sting answered one of the world’s greatest mysteries – has he been stung? “Well, I have,” he revealed. “I actually keep bees… I usually go and visit them just to make sure they’re doing okay, ’cause bees are very stressed at the moment. They’re dying out.”

And that is when he received a painful reminder of what he was dealing with. “We get along normally, but I was walking away from the hives and a bee came above and stung me right on the crown of my head,” he said. “And it was the most exquisite pain. It was like a psychedelic experience… I haven’t been the same since. It was 10 years ago. Wow! Sting me again, baby.”

The 16-time Grammy-winner will release “57th & 9th”, his first rock album in 13 years, on November 11.



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