Dominic Monaghan Is An Obsessive Creep In The Psychological Thriller ‘Pet’

Dominic Monaghan’s obsession with a young woman in out of control in the creepy trailer for “Pet”, which sees the former “Lost” star cage a woman against her will.

Monaghan is Seth, a socially-awkward man who becomes obsessed with Holly, played by Ksenia Solo, a former childhood crush whom he stalks on social media. When Holly rebuffs his advances, Seth abducts her, confining the young woman to a cage below the animal shelter where he works.

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The trailer promises more to the story than one might expect, since by the end of the two-minute clip, it’s unclear who is in more danger – the woman in the cage or her assailant.

Written by “The Exorcist” TV show writer Jeremy Slater, the psychological thriller earned buzz for its plot twists and turns after it premiered in March at South by Southwest before going on to play genre film festivals ahead of its Dec. 2 release.



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