Watch: Mandy Moore Talks About Her Experience With A Pet Psychic On ‘Ellen’

Mandy Moore stopped by the “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Tuesday to talk about her new hit show “This Is Us” and her experience with a pet psychic.

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Moore, who recently moved out of her house of 14 years, was having problems with one of her pets, her cat Addison. The cat had been crying at night since moving, and Moore needed help desperately. “So, I was like, I’m calling a pet psychic! That’s it! That was my last resort,” she told DeGeneres. “She told me that he (Addison) hated his name and that the reason he is crying all night is that he loves the acoustics in the apartment and he loves to hear himself sing.”

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The pet psychic had one simple solution for Moore, “He would love for you to change his name. He loves the name ‘Fig,’ like Figaro.” And what do you know? It worked!”

Moore is currently promoting her show “This Is Us”, which is one of the biggest new shows of the fall season and it has struck a real chord with viewers, “I’ve found that since the show started airing people come up to me.” she said. “People will come up and be like, ‘oh, I need to tell you about my relationship with my father or brother.’ So all of us have started hearing the trials and tribulations of people’s lives and there is something really lovely about that intimate experience of wanting to be so vulnerable.”



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