SPOILER ALERT: If you’re planning to watch this week’s part one of the “Bachelorette Canada” finale and don’t want the experience ruined by the spoilers that are coming up, then you’d be well advised to stop reading this and go watch the show!












Loving two people at the same time is not easy, which is where Jasmine finds herself in this week’s episode — the first part of the two-part season finale, in which she and the remaining two men spend some time together in Cuba.

During the course of the episode, Jasmine spends some private time with Mikhel and then Kevin W. in order to help narrow down her decision, having heart-to-heart conversations with both men — which still leaves her at a loss as to which of the two will receive her final rose.

“If I could combine them into one person, just mush them together, they’d be like a super-husband,” admits Jas of her indecision. “I’m completely confident that one of these guys is the person that I want to be with for the rest of my life. However, at this point I have no clue who it’s going to be. I’m terrified to lose one of them.”

Mikhel is the first to spend some time with Jas, and he admits he’s not feeling so confident after wearing his heart on his sleeve at the last rose ceremony, when he became sullen and withdrawn. The reason: he just doesn’t like thinking about her with Kevin W. (who is having the exact same feelings about Mikhel, which becomes painfully apparent later). After a soul-baring conversation, however, Mikhel and Jasmine appear to be closer than ever — and wind up retiring to the Fantasy Suite. Says Mikhel: “I’m in love with Jasmine, 100 per cent, hands down… I can definitely see myself spending the rest of my life with Jasmine.”

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Next it’s Kevin W.’s turn, and after a visit to a Cuban fortune teller (who reveals that he and Jas will make lots of money and have three kids, as well as a set of twins), he and Jasmine also have a heart to heart — and likewise wind up in the Fantasy Suite.

While we’re left to imagine what took place in the Fantasy Suite with Mikhel, Jas does reveal what went on with Kevin — and it was not good. “We had a discussion that made him feel insecure about us, and that turned into something that was emotional and kind of heated,” Jasmine explains. “And he left. He felt, I guess, like the night had kind of been ruined. He came back later and apologized and we put it to rest and moved on, and still had an amazing night.”

Then it came time for the real reason everyone had assembled in Cuba: for the men to be interrogated by Jasmine’s mom, Linda, her sister, Jade, and friend Lorelly — let the grilling begin!

Mikhel was first, and left all three of his interrogators suitably impressed, especially when he says he’s “definitely ready to get down on one knee” and seeks their blessing.

“I think Mikhel is the kind of guy Jasmine should be with,” says her sister, while Lorelly (who takes this interrogating thing way seriously) is likewise a fan. Jasmine’s mother is also smitten. “I think he’s a sweetheart,” she gushes.

This was not the case with Kevin W., and Linda was dubious the moment she laid eyes on him. “Kevin seems to be what I think Jasmine tends to gravitate towards — good looking, charismatic, that type,” she says with just a hint of disdain, adding that he “seems like a ladies’ man.”

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This skepticism did not go unnoticed by Jas, who admits she’s “getting nervous watching their faces… if my family doesn’t like Kevin, that will mean a lot to me.”

Lorelly weighs in with similar concerns: “His charm is infectious, but I feel like he’s always in search of fun and excitement and that could also lead to heartbreak,” she says, adding: “He’s not a sure thing.”

Jade agrees, noting that she finds Kevin’s confidence to be “off-putting,” making her feel like he seems to believe he he’s already received that final rose, and Linda weighs in with her final verdict: “Kevin seems genuine,” she says, “but Mikhel seems more caring.”

We’ll find out who Jasmine chooses in the second part of the season finale, airing two weeks from now on Tuesday, Nov. 22, which will be followed by the “After the Final Rose” special; in the meantime, fans won’t want to miss next week’s episode, the “Men Tell All” special, airing Tuesday, Nov. 15.

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