Random Guy Trips And Falls During Live Election Coverage — Now He’s A Viral Sensation

With the U.S. election still underway and no clear victor emerging in the neck-and-neck race, an unidentified man who accidentally tripped and fell during a live broadcast has become a viral sensation on social media by adding some much-needed levity to the tension-filled election day.

As People reportsan Arkansas man was walking past NBC News reporter Jo Ling Kent while she broadcast live from “Democracy Plaza” (otherwise known as Rockefeller Center in Midtown Manhattan) when he tripped over something and took a spectacular tumble.

While he was fine, the fall was dramatic enough to capture the attention of Ling — and, soon thereafter, the entire Twitterverse, who began commenting on the fall as numerous people joking out how the mishap has been the best thing to come out of the entire election.

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