Adorable Father-Daughter Duo Perform Killer Wedding Dance Duet

It seems every year or so, the Internet’s heart is captured by an epic father-daughter wedding dance routine – this year that honour goes to Mikayla Ellison Phillips and Nathan Ellison. 

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Mikayla, who has a dance background, and her dad Nathan wowed everyone at her wedding ceremony with an impressive mashup of popular dance songs like “Apache (Jump On It)” and “U Can’t Touch This”. 

According to the wedding videographer, Bethany Petersen, the dad was by far the most excited: “The first thing he told me when meeting me the morning of the wedding was how excited he was for the daddy-daughter dance.”

Adding: “He wanted to make sure I knew when they were going to be dancing and kept giving me an hour, 30-minute, 10-minute warnings leading up to the dance. He was so excited and was obviously looking forward to it all day!”

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The obviously close-knit dad and daughter are said to have spent weeks working on the routine.



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