Chris Pratt On Being Dubbed ‘The Male Jennifer Lawrence’: ‘Isn’t That Awesome’

They’re two of Hollywood’s most-likable celebrities, so it’s no wonder they draw comparisons to one another.

On Thursday’s episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, Chris Pratt says it’s “awesome” to be dubbed as “the male Jennifer Lawrence.”

“Isn’t that awesome? I love that,” he says of the comparisons to his “Passengers” co-star Lawrence. “It could be worse,” he jokes.

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Lawrence insists that her co-star bears traits the she doesn’t. “He’s much, much nicer. He’s a hard worker, he has a good attitude. He’s positive,” she tells Ellen DeGeneres.

The actors were on hand to discuss their upcoming space thriller “Passengers”, which takes place on a spacecraft transporting thousands of people to a new colony planet. After a malfunction in the spaceship’s sleep chambers, Pratt and Lawrence find themselves mistakenly awakened 90 years too early.

Filming a movie set in space naturally involves some on-set acrobatics and harness stunts to make the actors appear weightless on screen – something Lawrence shied away from.

“I suffer from paranoia mixed with delusions so I thought if I had to be in a harness, I could never bear children,” the actress tells DeGeneres. “I put it on for one scene and was like, ‘Hell no.’ I had to ultimately do it, I just complained a lot.”

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“You think you can’t have children if you wear a harness?” the host asks.

“Yes. I’m sick,” Lawrence laughs.

“Passengers” hits theatres on December 21.



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