Lauren Conrad Shares Her Tips For A Stress-Free Holiday Season Of Entertaining

Just in time for the holidays!

Lifestyle guru Lauren Conrad is opening up her Los Angeles home to Good Housekeeping readers as she prepares for a festive holiday season!

From holiday traditions to must-have party accessories, the former reality star, who owes the success of her fashion and lifestyle business to her ultra-girly style, shares her favourite festive pieces as we all prepare for a busy month ahead.

As for blending her “girly” decorating style with husband William Tell’s masculine taste, the 30-year-old says she’s had to compromise on a few of her favourite touches. “When we got our first place together, I definitely had to learn to compromise. I’ve never had to do that before,” she admits. “I mean, a little bit with my roommates, but I think it’s good and I think that your home should represent both of you and both of your styles.”

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In their sunny California-based pad, Conrad says “it’s definitely a blend of our tastes. I think he’s toned down my girly a little bit, which is good because I’m an adult and everything can’t be pink. It’s fun.”

Justin Coit/Good Housekeeping
Justin Coit/Good Housekeeping

But when it comes to holiday looks, Conrad insists on dialing up your style — whether it’s girly or not — with splurge-worthy accessories. “If you go to a lot of holiday parties, it’s good to invest in accessories that can help mix up a little black dress, such as a cool embellished jacket, a statement necklace or fun heels,” she tells the magazine. “Buying a new outfit for every party can get costly — I like having fun with accessories instead.”

As for entertaining friends and family at home, the Martha Stewart-in-making shares her tried-and-true tips on keeping party-goers happy and they all revolve around food. “No matter where I’m trying to entertain, everybody ends up in the kitchen. Wherever the food and drinks are that’s where they’ll be,” she explains. “I try to drag them to other rooms. I’m like, ‘Come on guys, I’ve decorated this whole room,’ but they don’t care. They’re like, ‘The cheese platter is here.’”



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