Melissa Benoist, Stephen Amell, Grant Gustin Gather For EW’s Superhero Covershoot, Tease Epic Crossover Episodes

TV’s biggest superheroes have gathered for the latest issue of EW to celebrate their “Arrowverse” crossover episode.

“Supergirl” Melissa Benoist and “Arrow” star Stephen Amell are joined by “The Flash”‘s Grant Gustin and “Legends Of Tomorrow” stars Brandon Routh and Caity Lotz for a superhero-sized photoshoot for the cover of the magazine’s latest issue.

“This year in the crossover in group scenes, we’re all in scenes together,” Gustin reveals from the set of the photoshoot which has the actors playing video games in their alter egos’ costumes. The stars gathered in a hangar outside of Vancouver for the one-of-a-kind shoot with the magazine.

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“Everyone’s there,” Benoist says excitedly. “I got to play in the sandbox with almost everyone it seems like.”

The massive team-up for the super friends takes place over the four series, beginning on November 28 episode of “Supergirl” and continuing over the next three nights on “The Flash”, “Arrow” and “Legends Of Tomorrow”.

“We need more girl power. I’m into it,” Lotz says of her desire for her “Legends” character to team up with Supergirl. “I know for Sara, when she meets Supergirl, she’s a little intimidated. She’s so used to being the chick that has everything under control and now all of a sudden there’s this alien that can levitate and she’s like, ‘Okay, I respect you. I see you. You’re kinda hot.'”

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“I never get to work as much with The Flash as I’d like to,” Routh adds. “Barry and Ray could be good friends.”

Benoist teases the upcoming crossover episode and says that fans will be excited to see the characters interact.

“People will be really excited about the people that fight each other, people that interact with each other. I kinda forget what happens,” she laughs.
“There’s something you haven’t seen before which I think is pretty fun,” Lotz adds.




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