People Mag Defends ‘President Trump’ Cover After Celebrity Boycott Backlash

People magazine is devoting its upcoming cover to the 45th president of the United States, which is not going down well with Hillary-supporting celebrities who are still shocked and stunned over the surprise victory of Donald Trump in Tuesday’s election.

The magazine previewed its upcoming cover, featuring a jubilant Trump, via Twitter, writing: “He’s hired!”

Frequent Trump critic Judd Apatow was one of the first to blast People, and the director of such films as “The 40 Year Old Virgin” and “Trainwreck” pulled no punches on Twitter.

“F*** @people magazine. How disgusting. Selling their soul. Soon the happy Donald cover. Sell those mags! F*** your employees,” he tweeted.

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Meanwhile, actress Zoe Kazan (“Ruby Sparks” is going one step further by calling for a full-on boycott from celebrities.

Others chimed in, including celebs such as Jon Cryer.

Following the backlash, a spokesperson for People released a statement explaining its rationale behind the controversial cover. “Donald Trump’s win is a history-making news event that warranted the cover of the magazine,” says the statement. “The story is not a celebration or an endorsement and we continue to stand by Natasha Stoynoff, whose account of being attacked by Trump in 2005 is recounted in this week’s cover story.”

People‘s statement, however, did little to placate Apatow, who tweeted: “F*** off @people magazine. We don’t expect anything from you but you certainly are the worst example of spinelessness. David Duke next?”

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