Robert De Niro Compares Donald Trump Win To 9/11: ‘I Feel Like I Did When The World Trade Center Was Attacked’

Robert De Niro is not mincing words when it comes to Donald Trump’s victory, saying the Republican’s win has left him mourning similar to how he felt after 9/11.

“I feel like I did when the World Trade Center was attacked,” De Niro says in an interview with the Associated Press.  “I’m stunned but we are going to see.”

The Oscar-winning actor has been outspoken in his anti-Trump stance throughout the U.S. presidential race, lambasting the now president-elect as a “con” and a “dog” among other things, going so far as to call him “blatantly stupid” and a “bulls*** artist.”   After making a video last month saying he would like to punch Trump in the face, De Niro is now willing to let Trump prove himself.

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“I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt, we’ll see what happens,” he says, though he won’t let Trump off the hook too easily, promising that he – and the world – will be watching him closely.

“This was about world order, doing things that are trying to work our way through a lot of problems internationally and domestically. And you need a grown-up for that and we’re going to see,” he says. “He’s there, we are all waiting but we are watching.”





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