Shia LaBeouf Raps, Talks Steven Spielberg, And Dishes On Married Life

What’s that sound you hear? Well, it’s just the new #1 MC in Hollywood, Shia LaBeouf.

The actor appeared on the SiriusXM show Sway In The Morning hosted by Sway Calloway and talked about everything from his complicated relationship with Steven Spielberg to married life, and even admits to taking out the garbage. Oh, and he raps, too, of course.

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LaBeouf gave a throwback when he started talking about one of his first movies, “Holes”, and how working with Jon Voight was a bonding experience. “I did a movie called ‘Holes’ when I was real young. I met a guy called Jon Voight and had no family. He was pretty lonely. And I had no family too, and we just got on,” he said.

Voight even shared some of his older movies with LaBeouf and it was an education. “He just loved sharing stuff with me. Showed me all this great stuff that I’d never seen before. And his stuff, too. He showed me a movie called ‘Coming Home’ that he had done, where he played a veteran coming home from Vietnam and talked me through what he did to get there and what it meant to him.”

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But LaBeouf isn’t a big fan of everyone he has worked with. He recently had some harsh words for his “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” director, Steven Spielberg, but was a tad kinder when discussing the Hollywood legend with Sway. “I probably could have gone lighter on Spielberg but my feelings are real. The dude gave me a lot of opportunities, though. And that’s on me.”

And how is LaBeouf enjoying married life with wife Mia Goth? Well, he’s a one-woman kind-of-guy and he’s loving it, “I’ve always been a serial monogamist. I think it’s because I’m deeply insecure. Once you get vulnerable with a person, that’s it, you know? I’ve never been a one-night-stand guy. Once we have a one night stand, I’m with you for years.” He even admits to doing the dishes and taking out the garbage “all day.”

Some of his favourite MCs are Tupac, Biggie Smalls and Missy Elliot and LaBeouf has tattoos for each of them, so it was only fitting he competed in the 5 Fingers of Death rap challenge. He’s pretty good, too!



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