Robert Redford Is Saying ‘Goodbye’ To Acting, Expects To Retire After Next Two Films

Robert Redford is eyeing his retirement from acting as he looks to focus solely on directorial projects in the near future, the actor recently revealed.

Sitting down for an interview with his grandson, Dylan Redford, the Hollywood screen legend shared some disappointing news that is sure to upset his die-hard fans. “I’ve got two acting projects in the works: “Our Souls at Night”, with Jane Fonda, a love story for older people who get a second chance in life, and “Old Man with a Gun”, a lighter piece with Casey Affleck and Sissy Spacek,” he said, before hinting at a permanent break from acting. “Once they’re done then I’m going to say, ‘Okay, that’s goodbye to all that,’ and then just focus on directing.”

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, both “Our Souls at Night” and “Old Man with a Gun” are still in pre-production.

Redford’s most recent big screen appearance includes Disney’s live-action/CG hybrid film “Pete’s Dragon”, in which he starred alongside Bryce Dallas Howard.

Redford is best-known for his roles in “The Sting”, “Out of Africa” and “All the President’s Men”. In 1998, he took home his first and only Oscar (Best Directing) for the 1980 picture “Ordinary People”.



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