Neighbours Up In Arms Over Wayne Newton’s Pesky Peacocks

A Nevada neighbourhood has had enough with Wayne Newton’s peacocks.

The Las Vegas entertainer owns a 40-acre ranch dubbed Casa de Shenandoah outside of the city which serves as a museum dedicated to his life and career.  While Newton doesn’t reside at the ranch, approximately 20 to 30 peacocks do –  and they’re getting on neighbours’ nerves according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Neighbours claim that Newton’s pesky peacocks squawk, scratch at cars, leave their droppings everywhere and wander the roads causing hazards for motorists.  The birds have been reportedly around the property for over two decades.

“We heard something on our roof that scared us to death,” Newton neighbour April Juelke recalls of her first encounter with the birds in the 1990s. “We thought a burglar was breaking in, but it was a bunch of peacocks.”

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However, an attorney for Newton claims the bothersome birds do not belong to his client.

“We’ve never bought a peacock. We’ve never brought in a peacock,” claims Newton’s attorney Jay Brown, though that hasn’t stopped the peacocks from making their home at the ranch. “These are feral peacocks.  It’s a neighborhood problem, not a Newton problem, in fairness.”

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It seems that not everyone agrees with Brown.

“These things were born on the Newton property, they live there, they roost there at night,” says Beth Donovan, a member of the town’s advisory board. “As far as I’m concerned, they’re their birds.”

No conclusions have been reached in how to get rid of the Newton-loving peacocks, however, commissioners have instructed Animal Control to work with Casa de Shenandoah and local residents to remove the birds on a continual basis and relocated to the Animal Foundation.



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