GQ’s 2016 Man Of The Year Usain Bolt, On Winning Gold And Retiring On Top

Nine-time Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt is one of GQ’s 2016 Men Of The Year alongside Ryan Reynolds and Warren Beatty.

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Bolt told GQ’s Devin Friedman during their interview that he’s an admittedly lazy person. “I’ll call someone upstairs and say, ‘Pass me the remote,’” he says jokingly. For Bolt, his time off is about chilling out and watching TV.


Bolt can add binge-watcher to his list of accomplishments, too. He recently enjoyed the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” movie and also likes action flicks and “Veep” (what a mix).

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During his off months, this laid-back approach to life is really just a hobby for Bolt, but this soon could be reality. He’s set to train for just one more world track championship in London next summer, but says his impending retirement is because he’s “too competitive.” He continued, “That’s why it’s time for me to go. The drive – I know it’s going to start going down.”

“I like the simple life,” Bolt says. “I’m from the country. And after I retire, I’m going to live in the country. I like dirt bikes and football and stuff. Just nature, and just chilling.”




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