With her book, “Scrappy Little Nobody”, out on Tuesday, Anna Kendrick is letting Flare in first as she opens up about her memoir’s most personal accounts.

“The Accountant” star takes the cover of the fashion magazine’s December issue wearing head-to-toe pink for a photoshoot that fashion dreams are truly made of, but inside, Kendrick admits that an actor’s life isn’t always the fairytale we all see on screen.


When speaking about the press tour for her breakout role in “Up In The Air”, the actress opens up about her less-than-glamorous life behind the designer duds and the glitzy hotels. “I didn’t want to write the stuff about ‘Up in the Air’,” she admits about the excerpt recounting her time on the movie’s promo tour, which contrasted sharply with her shrinking bank account and the bare-bones apartment she shared with two other roommates. “It felt like this shameful thing.”

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Despite the backlash she expects to receive, Kendrick says that the story’s inclusion was all meant to unveil the divide that exists between an actor’s “real life and fake life.”

“There are so many people who are in the business of being outraged,” she continued while broaching the subject of social media haters. “Twitter just has a more negative energy [than Instagram], which I feel more at home in.”

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