Cate Blanchett Stars In Creepy Trailer For Short Film ‘Red’

As if she is not busy enough filming “Ocean’s Eight” in New York right now, and with “Thor: Ragnarok” and Terrence Malick’s “Weightless” coming out next year, Cate Blanchett appears in the trailer for the very creepy short film “Red”.

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In “Red,” Blanchett goes into full high-art mode and portrays “Mother”, a spider-like woman who weaves a tangled web. In the short film, Blanchett re-enacts a spider’s mating ritual and in the creepy teaser, we see Blanchett transform herself into the spider.

The short film is described as an incredibly surreal and savage tale of female power inspired by the mating rituals of the Australian redback spider.

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“Red” will premiere at the Adelaide Festival at the Art Gallery of South Australia in January 2017.

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