The New ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Trailer Is An Exact Copy Of The 1991 Original

If the new trailer for the live-action “Beauty And The Beast” remake looked familiar to you it’s because it is a direct copy of its 1991 predecessor.

A new side-by-side comparison perfectly illustrates the similarities between the two films.  There’s a few difference, accounting for changing tastes in the 26 years since the original.  The live-action trailer puts more of the focus on Belle’s intelligence while the Beast is more of an angry hermit than a monstrous brute, in addition to a few other key differences.

It’s deja vu all over again as this is the second time Disney has created a live-action copy of the trailer.

Back in November,  Movie Pilot noted the similarity between the first full-length trailer and, thanks to the glory of the internet, created a side-by-side comparison for all to admire!

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From Belle’s arrival in Beast’s castle to her walk down the opulent staircase, both trailers match up perfectly.

The film, which stars Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Ewan McGregor, Kevin Kline, Stanley Tucci, Ian McKellen and Emma Thompson, hits theatres on March 17, 2017.



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