SPOILER ALERT: If you’re planning to watch this week’s “Men Tell All” special of the “Bachelorette Canada” finale and don’t want the experience ruined by the spoilers that are coming up, then you’d be well advised to stop reading this and go watch the show!











All the passion from the inaugural season of “Bachelorette Canada” came full circle for the “Men Tell All” special tonight. The eliminated Bachelors come together to clear the air and go face-to-face with Jasmine for the first time since their individual runs on the show.

The tension is immediately apparent, but surprisingly the catalyst for it is Andrew. Describing the different nature of the male contestants, he throws some serious shade at Chris: “Some guys aren’t going to cry on natural T.V.”

Chris immediately responds, standing up the remark: “There’s a difference between constantly making fun of people,” before he can finish Andrew pulls out a tissue for Chris — poking fun at his tearful exit from “The Bachelorette”. The show’s resident inventor stands his ground: “Why do we default to making fun of [emotional people] and understand where they’re coming from?” Drawing an audible applaud from the live crowd.

Next up — the season’s most polarizing figure, Drew, takes the seat: “Surprisingly there’s a lot of people who love the villain,” he boldly claims. The cocky-one stepped on plenty of toes during his time on the show, being described as arrogant, selfish and mean by his fellow Bachelors.

He explains how his feelings for Jasmine waned after Morocco, because he felt as if he wasn’t being rewarded for winning group dates. Chris gives Drew a look, provoking Drew to snap at his rival: “Why are you doing this? You look like you took eight Aderralls, looking at me right now.” Chris, not one to step down from a verbal joust, calls Drew out on his inconsistent story: “There is no congruence to anything that you’re saying. I mean you’re all over the place, you’ve changed your story a bunch of times.”

So why did Drew accept the role of Canada’s next “Bachelor”?: “I want to find love and pick between 20 beautiful girls” (the audience chuckles in disbelief)… You’re going to go on TV to find love!”

Chris also steps into the hot seat, reliving the emotional trauma of losing his shot with Jasmine: “When you really want something and you’re giving it 100% and that moment ends, it’s tough.” When “Bachelorette Canada” host Noah Cappe brings up the show’s alpha male dynamic, Chris jokes: “There are a lot of jocks. And I’ve heard more about protein shakes and reps in this journey than I have in my entire life.”

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Even Drew has a genuine chuckle at the joke, quipping: “That was pretty funny.”

The host follows up by asking Chris exactly how the beef between the two got started, since he can’t pinpoint it on the show. Chris reveals the drama first started when the cameras stopped rolling. As the inventor puts it, there was food for the camera crew in Jamaica. When the cast was informed the food wasn’t for them, Drew allegedly threw a temper-tantrum and berated a crew member.

Drew accuses Chris of lying, but admits: “I said we’re not being paid to be here, you are. I’m going to eat as much food as I want, I haven’t eaten in seven hours.” JP backups Chris’ version of the story, applauding him for standing up to Drew when no one else would. This sparks some beef between Drew and JP.

The show’s resident villain actually takes a step back and apologizes for how he treated Chris during the pair’s tenure on the show, saying he didn’t realize how much the teasing affected him: “I didn’t mean to hurt you,” Drew stated. Chris forgives him, but suspects his rival’s apology may not be geniuine. Drew, of course, corrects Chris’ pronunciation of the word “geniuine” underneath his breath — before promptly “shutting up” as recommended by the other men.

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Lightening the mood, the eliminated Bachelors chat with the show’s host Cappe. Benoit admits to being too intense and a little drunk in his interactions with Jasmine. And now the moment everyone eagerly anticipated… the arrival of Jasmine.

Jasmine and Mike sit down for their first one-on-one since their emotional breakup. Mike asks if he was eliminated for not telling Jasmine he loved her. The Bachelorette says no, but it did confirm suspicious that he may be too cautious for her. Mike tells Jasmine he loves her and wishes the best and the two embrace as good friends.

The floor finally opens up for the men to ask Jasmine any burning questions they may have. Drew immediately jumps the gun, to no ones surprise, apologizing to Jasmine for how he acted: “[My actions were] uncalled for and you don’t deserve that and I’m really sorry.” Jasmine also questions the integrity of his apology, but ultimately forgives him for stepping up and admitting his wrong-doing. She also tells Chris: “you were looking out for me and nobody else did,” after Chris warned her about Drew.

And here we are, just one week away from the finale folks! We’ll find out who Jasmine chooses on Tuesday, Nov. 22 — followed by the “After the Final Rose” special.

“The Bachelorette Canada” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on W Network. In addition, stay tuned after the show for “The Bachelorette Canada After Show” (airing at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT) in which Jennifer Valentyne and ET Canada’s Erin Cebula break down all the drama in each episode.