Michael Douglas Apologizes To Val Kilmer Over Throat Cancer Claim

After claiming Val Kilmer was diagnosed with tongue cancer last month, Michael Douglas is now apologizing to his “Ghost In The Darkness” co-star for the remark.

Kilmer writes in a Facebook post that Douglas has written him a letter of apology for suggesting he was battling the same form of cancer that Douglas himself had conquered.  In an interview in October, Douglas revealed, “Val was a wonderful guy who is dealing with exactly what I had and things don’t look too good for him,” during a Q&A in London.  Kilmer denied the story two days later stating Douglas “misinformed.”

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Now, the “Batman Forever” actor is calling Douglas a “classy guy” for reaching out to him and apologizing for the turmoil his comments have caused.

“Michael Douglas wrote me a nice note apologizing for suggesting to the press overseas, I ‘wasn’t doing too well…’ and was grateful to hear I am doing well. He’s a classy guy,” Kilmer writes before sharing a story of how he met first met Douglas and his father, Kirk Douglas.


Kilmer struggled to speak last week during his first public appearance since denying the cancer claims.

During the outing, he admitted to undergoing surgery to have a lump removed from his throat, causing his tongue to swell. He told the crowd that he has “no cancer whatsoever” and is still in the rehabilitation process.





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