Watch: David Blaine Spooks Drake, Dave Chappelle And Stephen Curry

If you’ve ever wanted to see what it takes to collectively freak out Drake, Dave Chappelle and Stephen Curry in just a few minutes – now is your chance, thanks to the magic and wonder of David Blaine.

During his special “David Blaine: Beyond Magic”, Blaine asks Drake to think of a small creature, one small enough to fit into the palm of his hand. He also asks Chappelle to draw what Drake was thinking and Chappelle takes the opportunity to throw some shade at Drake’s rival Meek Mill as well. “What if I draw Meek Mill?” jokes Chappelle.

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Things quickly turn from funny to creepy when Blaine is able to conjure up a frog small enough to fit into Drake’s hand from his mouth. The room erupts into shock and awe and Blaine puts the frog in Drake’s champagne, forever changing the meaning of the rapper’s Instagram handle “champagnepapi.”

Blaine takes it one step further by magically producing a second frog and at that point, Drake, Curry and Chappelle were done.




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