James Cameron Wants ‘Avatar’ Sequels To Raise Climate Change Awareness: It’s ‘Happening Right Now’

Director James Cameron no longer believes in a political solution to climate change, so he’ll look to teach through his films.

Cameron, an enthusiastic undersea explorer, told People he fears a lack of focus on climate change in wake of a new U.S. government: “I think it’s exactly as bad as it could possibly be right now… I was hoping this would be a pivot in history where we’d finally really energize and move forward, take the momentum that’s been gained, hard won over the last few years, and move forward.”

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Before disappointingly suggesting: “We just got hit in the teeth with a brick.”

So what’s the solution? For Cameron, 62, his series of “Avatar” movies may just be what the world needs: “As a storyteller, as a media guy, I’m now going to put all my energy into telling this story at a grassroots level. We’ve just seen democracy in action, I think not for the betterment of the world, but for the worse. And we need to get democracy in action for the betterment of the world. So I intend to be as loud a voice as I can be in helping people understand that these challenges affect them.”

He admitted the format isn’t conventional, but believes it may just work: “It’s a fictional format and it’s primarily entertainment. But the first film, I don’t think it preached [conservation]. I don’t think it told you specifically what to do, but what I do think it did was remind us how important nature is to us, in our kind of true hearts as human beings, and how we’re drifting away from it. And when it’s out of sight it’s out of mind, and we’re systematically destroying it.”

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He sees it as a way to connect audiences to the problem: “I think ‘Avatar’ allows us to reconnect spiritually. And then all of our other activities with documentaries and so on will be about giving people actual, proximal things that they can do.”

Ending on a commanding note, Cameron reminded readers what they should already know: “This is not some hypothetical thing, and it’s happening. Climate change is happening right now. Hopefully we’ll get another season or two from that. It’s about communication at this point.”



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