‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ Couple Allegedly Kick Out Five Adopted Children After Show

A North Carolina couple featured on “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” are being accused of kicking out their five adopted children after receiving a shiny new house.

James and Devonda Friday won a brand new home in 2011, so that there seven children — five of which were adopted — could have more space. In the episode, the couple claim to have fostered over 30 children over time and run a nonprofit called House of Hope: “James and I are able to give our children all the love they need, but right now we can’t give our children the house that they need,” said Devonda.

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The father of seven also shared an emotional sentiment: “We’re at the point where all our resources are exhausted. We’re going to continue to love them and provide for them, but ‘Extreme Makeover’, we desperately need you.”

However that image of a caring, loving father is being tested by one of his adopted children. Chris Friday told WSOC-TV his parents completely changed after the cameras stopped rolling: “I felt like they were my mom and dad. I loved them like they were my real parents. I did… What they did to us was just wrong. [They] threw us all out.”

Friday claims to have been sent to a group home because of his bad attitude a few months after the show, but he was allegedly assured it was only temporary. His sister Kamaya said she was sent to a different home. Within a year, all five children were sent away: “My brother and sisters were five-years-old. How can they get that much trouble where they have to kick them out? I know it was all about the money. From the first day, it was all about the money,” Chris alleged.

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Their adopted dad James shot down the accusations: “No one kicked Chris or Kamaya out of the home.” He said the two older children wanted to leave and that the Department of Social Services got involved with the three younger children: “That’s a DSS and social service matter.”

The family had a court hearing in 2015 about the five adopted children, but the court records remain sealed.




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