Rob Lowe On His ‘Fake’ Blind Date With Madonna At 21: ‘I Was Totally Bummed’

Rob Lowe drops by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to dish on his son’s 21st birthday, how a “fake” date with Madonna broke his heart and how he rescues sharks in his spare time.

Lowe treated his youngest son to a dream 21st birthday, taking him to celebrate in Las Vegas recently – and he can only describe the experience with one word, twice: “Wow! Wow!”

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The “Code Black” actor then elaborates: “There was lots of love, lots of pride, lots of happiness, lots of Visine… there might have been some vomiting. There might have been one of the guests meeting a young lady and getting their wallet stolen – I’m just saying it’s Las Vegas.”

But on the bright side he says, “It got wild for these kids, but here’s the way I look at it: nobody got arrested, nobody ended up in the paper [and] everybody’s healthy – so I’m declaring victory and getting off the field.”

The crazy celebration reminded Lowe of his own 21st birthday in Vegas, when his friends had planned a surprise party, but could only get him through deception. “They told me that I was having a blind date with Madonna,” he says. But the plan backfired a little – the surprise party was great and all, but what could possibly compare to a one-on-one date with Madonna? “The whole night I was bummed,” Lowe adds.

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Lowe, 52, is also apparently a shark-rescuer in his spare time. While free diving in a Great Reef during his trip to the Maldives, he stumbled upon a shark in need of rescuing in a cave. “He had a hook in his mouth with a big, long line that had clearly been in there for months,” he explains. “We dove down and we were able to remove the hook from his mouth.”

And this shark was no guppy: “It was big! I mean he was probably 12-feet. It’s not a shark that would attack you or anything, but it’s still a shark.”

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