Jennifer Lopez Went Into Labour Wearing A Fabulous White Fur: ‘It Was The Only Coat That Would Fit Me’

Jennifer Lopez is adding to her illustrious resume with a new line of footwear that’s as fabulous as she is.

The 47-year-old “Shades of Blue” star, who looks ageless as she poses for the pages of Harper’s Bazaar‘s December issue, sits down with the magazine to dish on clothing and the memories that they hold.

“If you hear a song from a certain time and you’re like, ‘Oh, my God!,’ it takes you back to that period in your life,” she tells the magazine. “I do the same thing with my closet. I walk in and I see a hat or a pair of shoes or a coat, and I go, ‘Wow! I remember I was wearing that the day this happened, or I was walking down the street; or I heard this or my mom said that, or my boyfriend.”


For what is surely one of the most memorable days of her life, “Jenny from the Block” reveals the glamourous ensemble she wore as she went into labour with her twins, Emme and Max. “I think of the day my kids were born… It was in the middle of a snowstorm, and I wore this big white fur coat,” she says. “I was huge, and it was the only coat that would fit me.”

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The style icon is teaming up with legendary shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti for what certainly looks to be a red carpet-ready collection. Lopez, who had formed a close bond with the designer, reminisced about their first meeting “years ago.” “I remember him just being a really sweet spirit,” she says of the celeb-favourite designer. “He came to my house. Even back then we talked about doing a collaboration together. We talked about different things, a music video I was about to do, all kinds of stuff. He went through my closet, and we sat in there. We were supposed to just meet and say hello, but he would end up staying for hours, and we just talked fashion.”


And as it turns out, the “On the Floor” singer insists she’s passed the fashion bug down to her daughter, Emme. “She loves fashion. She was wearing my shoes as soon as she started walking. She’s actually learning to sew already. Who knows? We may have a little designer on our hands,” Lopez adds.

Lopez’s lust-worthy shoe collection hits stores in January.

Catch J.Lo. on “Shades of Blue” when its second season premieres on Global TV early 2017.



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