Kelly Osbourne Discusses ‘The View’ Racism Scandal In Her New Book: ‘I Still Hate Myself For It’

In her upcoming memoir, “There Is No F*cking Secret”, Kelly Osbourne gets candid with a series of letters sharing stories from her life. Osbourne discusses events like her mother Sharon Osbourne’s battle with cancer, her own battle with Lyme Disease and those controversial racist comments she made on “The View” that have scarred her.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Osbourne also opens up about her three-year writing process and what she learned along the way.

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For Osbourne, the title came about before she had even written the book, saying she personally doesn’t believe in the book “The Secret” and this is a play on that: “That’s common sense, in the sense that, you be a good person and you do good things, good things will happen to you. That’s not a secret, that’s just life. That’s how life works.”

The 32-year-old says she was inspired to make it a collection of letters to herself and other people because of the book “Dear Fatty” by Dawn French. Adding, the format helped her to keep it concise, have an assortment of topics and be fluid. For the former “Fashion Police” pundit, she attributes writing letters as the only way she could communicate with her family and loved ones. “That was either because maybe I was in a wonderful institution for my restoration, or if I just was on tour because I thought it was more fun to send a letter than an email,” she admits. “Because I am still a child of the analog world. When I can’t say what I want to say, I write a letter. That way you say it, but you don’t send it.”

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Osbourne admits one of the hardest chapters for her to write was the letter to her mother about her battle with cancer. “I still cannot read the letter I wrote about my mom’s cancer and my dad’s accident,” she says. “My mom was in the hospital having chemo and trying to fight her battle with cancer, while my dad was in a coma in the UK. And I watched both of them come out of surgery and flatline and die in front of me and get brought back to life.”

The other chapter that was the most difficult to write, “Dear Racists”, which she says is about her own opinions on race and she also addresses her appearance on “The View”. The star is admittedly scared about what people are going to say about it, but reveals that moment has affected her life forever: “I still hate myself for it, because if it was me, watching someone else say it on television, I’d hate them.”

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The ramifications of that appearance haven’t gone away and for the “Shut Up” singer. “I know my true intentions behind it, but like I say in my book, the mistake I made was to fall back on witty sarcasm, and you can’t do that when you’re talking about race, especially in this country,” she admits. “In my way of trying to defend a community of people that I do truly love, I managed to insult an entire race of people in this country. The fact that if you type in ‘Kelly Osbourne’ [into Google], the first thing that comes up is ‘racist’ just kills me.”

“There Is No F***ing Secret” is set for release on April 25, 2017.



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