Stephen Colbert Criticizes Donald Trump For Constant Tweeting: ‘I’m Going To Call Bulls**t’

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has been tweeting up a storm ever since winning the election last week, but the constant Twitter chatter is annoying Stephen Colbert.

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“The Late Show” host calls out Trump, who recently singled out The New York Times for their coverage: “For the President-elect to be tweeting at all is just weird. It just feels strange, doesn’t it?”

Colbert then plays a clip from Rep. Chris Collins, who defended Trump’s 140-character statements. “The enormity of the job ahead of him, and so I would have to say if this is his way of relaxing, God bless him,” says Collins. Colbert quips: “Is this really how we’re going to treat the Commander-in-Chief? He likes it, it’s fun. Let him play with the button, it calms him down. It’s shiny and red like a toy.”

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The comedian and political commentator is having none of that, boldly stating: “I’m going to call bulls**t on this. Twitter isn’t Trump’s entertainment, it’s his way around the press.”

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