Oscar-winning French actress Marion Cotillard is tired of addressing those Brad Pitt affair rumours.

“I never take anything personally when it doesn’t concern me,” she tells Matt Lauer on “Today”, referring to the gossip surrounding her “Allied” co-star Pitt’s recent divorce from Angelina Jolie. “So I didn’t take it personally because I had nothing to do with those rumours or situation.”

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In September when news broke that Pitt and Jolie were splitting, there was speculation that an affair between the “Allied” co-stars was to blame. Cotillard has steadfastly denied the rumours, posting a statement to Instagram where she expressed the hope that Pitt and Jolie would be able to “find peace” amid their nasty divorce.

Cotillard says the controversy hasn’t ruined her experience of working on the World War II spy thriller “Allied”, which opens in theatres on Nov. 23.

“It was a wonderful, wonderful experience working with such a visionary director and an amazing actor. So that’s all that matters,” she adds.