Report: ‘Making A Murderer’ Subject Brendan Dassey’s Release From Prison Delayed

A lower court ruling to have Brendan Dassey released from prison has been overturned by a Federal appeals court, says TMZ.

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Things were looking good for the “Making a Murderer” subject, after he was granted his release while prosecutors appealed his overturned conviction. The release has reportedly been delayed because the appeals court allegedly believes it would be wrong to release the 27-year-old so soon.

According to reports, the judge has apparently decided to delay Dassey’s release in order to give prosecutors more time to appeal the ruling that his conviction was unconstitutional, because it was based on an involuntary confession.

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Dassey has been behind bars for 10 years, after being convicted at the age of 16 alongside uncle Steven Avery for the 2007 murder of  Theresa Halbach.



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