Fans of the Discovery Channel reality show Sons of Guns will be shocked to learn star Will Hayden has been arrested in Louisiana on charges of child molestation, although the gunsmith maintains he’s innocent.

As TMZ reports, Hayden was arrested on Saturday by East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s deputies, accused of “molestation of a child and a crime against nature.”;

Hayden claims the charge was fabricated by his bitter ex-girlfriend after he ended the relationship. The ex, who is also mother of one of his daughters, made the allegations to police more than a week ago, accusing Hayden of molesting the couple’s daughter.

However, Hayden maintains the daughter (whom he’s raising with his current wife) was interviewed by Child Protective Services and returned to his home. In addition, his older daughter tells TMZ, “There was never any impropriety in our home. He was and is a good father.”;

Hayden was freed after posting a $150,000 bond.

Sons of Guns follows Hayden and his team at his company, Red Jacket Firearms, as they create customized weaponry for clients.